Мілла Йовович народила: як виглядають на фото її чоловік і старші діти

18,5 т.
Мілла Йовович народила: як виглядають на фото її чоловік і старші діти

Знаменита голлівудська актриса Мілла Йовович, яка у віці 44 років 3 лютого народила дитину, має щасливу сім'ю і ще двох старших дітей.

Вона вже багато років у шлюбі зі сценаристом та режисером Полом Андерсеном, який старший за неї на десять років.

Відзначається, що для Мілли це вже третій шлюб, вона познайомилася з нинішнім чоловіком ще на початку 2000-х, але деякий час вони не могли визначитися з відносинами, після чого остаточно вирішили бути разом і одружилися в 2009 році.

Саме від нього вона народила всіх трьох дітей: 12-річну Єву Габо, чотирирічну Дашіел Іден і новонароджену Ошиан. Кілька років тому Йовович могла народити ще дитину, але через передчасних пологів на половині терміну довелося зробити екстрений аборт.

Відео дня

Зараз вже в мережі показали і перше фото з маленькою Ошиан:

Дивіться інші ніжні сімейні фото сімейства:

It's hard to believe that the holidays are upon us once again . It's been a tough year, full of division and controversy for this country and abroad . Many people are angry. Many people are sad. Homelessness is at an all time high here in Los Angeles . It's difficult to drive around and see people literally trying to survive . If you have a few extra dollars to help , the organizers from @ laoncloud9 have a link in their bio to buy supplies that will help them get important items to homeless people and their pets to make their existence a little more comfortable . Seeing so much suffering makes me want to spend as much time with my kids as possible and do things that put the gorgeous smiles on their faces that they have in these pictures . It's so wonderful to see the love between them grow everyday and to see my eldest really stepping up to her role as big sister more and more . I think after we lost our last pregnancy, Ever is so hyper aware of how blessed we are today to be having another baby , it's really made her grow up in the best way possible and want to help as much as she can . She's trying so hard to prove that she will be mature enough to handle the new baby , it's brought the little mama out in the way she treats her younger sister . I can not tell you how precious it is because I get to see first hand the lessons we are teaching our girls bear fruit in the way they treat each other and the people around them . With care, love and respect. I'm so grateful for my amazing children. The happiness they bring is indescribable. We went ice skating together which was so fun . I treasure these moments so much. Hearing their joyful screams and laughter. Seeing them smiling so big. Appreciating. Appreciating. Appreciating. #holidayspirit #sisters

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Happy Holidays everyone !!! It's been the most amazing Christmas! It's our first time in the snow for the holidays and I can not tell you how magical it is . I actually woke up before the kids this morning to get the cooking started because I knew once they woke up it would be non stop building toys and taking pictures , so I'm falling asleep right now at 3 in the afternoon! Our family and closest friends are here so it could not be more perfect . It's snowing outside and the view is spectacular . The smells coming from the kitchen are just insanely yummy and if I could maybe have a little nap ... but we will not speak of such things.😂 I have so many amazing pics so I'll call this "Christmas: Part 1 "and post more when I have some time. I'm SO HAPPY RIGHT NOW !!! 😆 Sending so much love to you all! Xo m🥰 #growingkidsgrowingfood #familytime #creatingmemories # utahdiary🎄🎁🎅🏽🥳

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Happy New Year everyone !! Oh my goodness, getting a good family photo for New Years is like pulling teeth , by the time the kids stop moving and making faces and complaining and asking how much longer they have to do this and then moving and telling them I'll make them stand for an hour if they do not stay still🤦🏻♀️😡 , but finally I got a few where everyone is mostly in focus😂 and smiling at the same time . But apart from the photo drama, the evening has been beautiful, spending time with my family and I have my god daughters with me as well , it's always wonderful to hear children laughing and running around like crazy people . I hope you're all having an amazing time tonight and I pray this year is healthy , happy and brings you all you desire! Sending so much love !! ❤️❤️❤️ # happynewyear2020✨

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